Rules and Cutoffs

Rules for the 2024 Margaret River Ultra Marathon events

  • (all participants) must read and sign the Participant Indemnity
  • Juniors only – (under 18 on race day) must have their parent or guardian advise the organisers, Rapid Ascent, of their intention to enter.
    • Juniors who wish to complete more than one leg of the course must comply with the Under 18 entry requirements as published on the event website and the parent or guardian must read and sign an authorisation and indemnity.
  • Competitors must follow the complete course as marked and directed. Taking shortcuts or using any unfair means of obtaining an advantage over other competitors will result in disqualification. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that the correct course is followed.
  • Your race number must be visible at all times on the outside of your clothing (at the front).
  • Races numbers are non-transferable. Times and prizes will not be recognised if racing under another entry/name.
  • Competitors may only receive external assistance on the course from their support crews and/or team mates at designated Checkpoints as described in the Course Description. External support may not be provided anywhere else on the course and this includes the supply of water bottles or food by non competitors.
  • One competitor cannot provide assistance in forward progression through physical pushing / pulling / towing/ pacing, or the provision of food or drinks to a competitor in another category except in emergency circumstances.
  • Australian Road Rules apply at all times on all roads, tracks and trails.
  • You must carry the Mandatory Gear as specified in the equipment list. A 30 minute penalty will apply for any (and every) item found missing during any random gear checks and you will not be allowed to continue until the item is replaced. You can expect random gear checks to be made during the race.
  • Relay teams can only change over at the designated checkpoint locations – after their team mate has arrived.
  • Competitors are responsible for the actions of their support crew and may be penalised for actions or breaches of the rules by their support crew.
  • Support crews are not permitted to run with or pace runners.
  • Support crews (and competitors) must NOT bring dogs or pets with them to the event.
  • Team mates ARE permitted to run with fellow team members. Subject to the following conditions:
    • Team members MUST stay together at all times
    • All team members who start a leg, must finish leg. If any team member does not finish a leg, that team will receive a DNF result.
    • The runner with the slowest leg time will be used to calculate the team result for that leg. A team member waiting to depart at the next transition cannot start until all team members have finished the preceding leg.
    • All team members must carry all required mandatory gear on their person.
    • The nominated runner for the leg must be self sufficient with hydration/nutrition and cannot receive support from their team mate.
    • If you intend on running together, please email [email protected] 
  • Any competitor who withdraws from the race MUST notify an official. This is an essential requirement to avoid unnecessary searches being conducted and emergency services being engaged.
  • If a race official considers that an underage athlete is in distress at any point in the race, then the athlete must be seen by a member of the event medical team who will determine if they are fit to continue
  • All runners are permitted to lodge protests against results or decisions enforced during the event. A judging panel of three Rapid Ascent staff members will adjudicate on all protests and other contentious matters, and their decision will be final. Protests must be lodged within 30 minutes of the subject competitor crossing the finish line.
  • Rapid Ascent has sole discretion to alter or amend the race rules in order to increase the safety of participants or for any other reason deemed appropriate.
  • If the race is cancelled or called off after it has started, it is each competitor’s responsibility to get themselves to the finish area as soon as you have been notified of the cancellation.
  • Littering is prohibited.

Cut-Off Times

80km Ultra cut off times

  • Complete Leg 1 (11.5km) – you must depart CP1 by Start time + 3h 30min for individuals OR Start time + 2h 15min for Teams
  • Complete Leg 2 (16km) – you must depart CP2 by Start time + 6h 15min for individuals OR start time + 5h for Teams
  • Complete Leg 3 (19.5km) – you must depart CP3 by Start time + 10hrs for individuals OR start time + 8h 45min for teams
  • Complete Leg 4 (18.5km) – you must depart CP4 by Start time + 13h 45min for individuals OR start time + 12h for Teams
  • The Course closes at the finish line at 2300 Saturday for ALL competitors

The course closes at 2300 Saturday (this is an average pace of just over 13mins per kilometer or speed of approx 4.6km/hr)

If you think you cannot achieve the above cut off times we strongly recommend competing in the 42km event on Sunday.

42km Marathon cut off times

  • Water Point 1 (6.3km) – you must have departed WP1 by Start Time + 1h45min
  • Water Point 2 (13km) – you must have departed WP2 by Start Time + 3hr
  • Water Point 3 (24km) – you must have departed WP3 by Start Time + 4hr45min
  • Water Point 4 (35km) – you must have departed WP4 by Start Time + 6hr45min
  • The course closes at the finish line at 1600hrs i.e. startt time + 8h

The cut off times above equate to an average speed of 5.25kph over the 42km course

Cut off procedures:

  • For teams who do not make the published cut off time, the next team member will be allowed to continue at the published cut off time but will be an unranked competitor.
  • Individuals who miss a cut off must miss the next leg but they may re-continue from the following checkpoint. Eg if you miss the cut off at the end of leg 3, you must miss leg 4 but may recommence at the start of leg 5 provided you restart well before the cut off time for starting leg 5.
  • If the last cut off is missed, then competitors must make their way via alternative means to the finish line.
  • If you cannot complete a leg or are forced to stop or withdraw from a leg the following procedures will be followed:
    • You will now be an ‘unranked’ competitor. You will not be permitted to return to that leg but you can recommence the event with the next leg
    • When you get to the next transition area, advise an official that you did not complete the leg and hand over to your team mate who can continue the rest of the course
    • Your team will be unranked, but you can still continue the event.